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Studio Management Consulting Services

Studio Management Consulting Services

$ 750.00

3 - 60 minute consulting phone calls with 4 Voxers per month for photographers with Shaun Guerard, Studio Manager of Heidi Hope Photography and co-founder of Photographer Rising. 

They will be focused around studio workflow management, sales techniques, pricing, P&L management, scaling your business, and general studio management. 

Topics covered are tailored to your business needs and may include:

  • Operational-management for studio owners & studio managers
  • Team management- workflow set-up for main photographer, associate photographers and employees
  • In-person sales techniques for studio team members
  • Client intake workflow – from inquiry to order delivery
  • Setting up your business finances in terms of years and decades instead of weeks and months. (Savings, investments, retirement, health & life insurance, disability, etc.)

General Manager, Heidi Hope Photography
Co-founder, Photographer Rising 

Shaun set the stage for profitable, robust growth by building an operationally sound business foundation. Judicious in scaling for growth, maintaining a lean operation, with a laser-focus on cost control and both topline and bottom-line performance. Shaun was responsible for business development, sales, service, customer experience, day-to-day operations, budget management, product development, and talent management aspects of the business.

Shaun grew the business to become a fully staffed, full-service studio with 10 employees and achieved >2,000% revenue growth and #1 market share, while sustaining above industry-average margins – becoming 1 of the top 5 performing boutique studios in the U.S.

*The $750 fee is to be paid in full and is non refundable. All calls must be scheduled within a 90 day period and all Voxers have to take place during that same period. All rescheduled calls have to be made within 48 hours of your originally scheduled calls or the client will forfeit that call.

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